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Once you had had to read through the information on the ‘Our Proposals’ page please use the form below to provide your feedback on the scheme.

1. What best describes your connection to the site?

2. Is this the first time you have seen information on these proposals?

3. Do you support the approach of creating specialist older person housing in Mill Hill?

4. Do you support our plans to create a new publicly accessible common and more green spaces for residents?

5. Do you support our plans to create new affordable housing on Kingdom Hall site?

6. How regularly do you think you would use the new public spaces that are being created, including the common, community hub and café/farm shop?

7. Do you think you would ever be interested in living here?

9. Overall, do you think this development will be more or less beneficial to the area than what exists currently, and can you explain why? The new development will...

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