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Who owns the site?

Marstead Living has exchanged on the site last year, which was previously occupied by the International Bible Student Association (Jehovah’s Witnesses).

Is the site vacant at the moment?

The Jehovah’s witnesses have now relocated to Chelmsford, and ceased their activities in Watch Tower House. The building is vacant apart of security and maintenance staff.

Will affordable housing be provided within the development?

Yes, the exact amount of affordable housing is currently being discussed with Barnet Council. We are exploring options in terms of viability and location at present.

How many parking spaces will be provided in your plans?

We will be providing parking spaces on site for residents, staff and visitors. Our research shows ageing residents have different travel patterns, and the number of parking spaces for residents will take into account the public transport links nearby. These links include the 240 bus route which stops outside the site, and Mill Hill East tube station which is under 1km away.

How tall will the new buildings be, and what will the visual impact be on the surrounding area?

Our masterplan envisages a series of buildings between two and five storeys tall, concentrated at the centre of the site. The site is bounded by trees providing a green buffer up to 14 metres tall, meaning the new buildings will be largely screened from surrounding views.

Will the homes be available to people who live in Mill Hill, or will they be targeted at people who live around the UK or abroad?

We expect that most of our residents will be people who live in Mill Hill and Barnet, or have children and grandchildren who live nearby. Our research shows that residents want to stay near to their families, making our offer ideal for ageing residents in North London looking to ‘right-size’, but still be close to loved ones.  

How can I apply to live in one of these homes?

Please visit Marstead Living’s main website here, and enter your email to sign up for updates. You will then be contacted with further information regarding sales when it comes available.

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